Q&A Friday #32: Would Less Partisanship Be Better?

Question: “Although you are obviously very conservative, do you think such partisanship should exist between the two main parties?” — Schwartzenheimer2

Answer: We’d absolutely be better off if things were less partisan, especially when it comes to foreign policy where I think things have gotten so out of hand that it has actually helped our enemies.

As it is, we’ve gotten to the point, particularly when it comes to much of the left (and yes, I think they’re much worse than even conservatives were during the Clinton years), where they’re just into knee jerk opposition. If Bush is for it, they’re against it, even if they’d be for exactly the same thing if a Democrat proposed it.

However, keep in mind that politics runs in cycles and eventually voters will force politicians to stop being so adversarial at the ballot box. In fact, I’d argue that they already have done so — at least to a certain extent.

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You ever heard someone say that every time a bell rings, a fairy gets its wings? I figure that every time a Democrat compares Bush to Hitler or talks about impeachment, another few voters decide to vote Republican. Because so many Democrats have been so partisan and so vicious, it has definitely helped the GOP at the ballot box.

Anyway, if our elected officials could cooperate with each other better on issues that don’t involve shoveling pork into their districts, we’d all be better off.

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