Q&A Friday #33: Coretta Scott King’s Funeral Vs. Reagan’s

Question: “Was Coretta Scott Kings funeral more or less political than Pat Tillman and Ronald Reagans respective funerals? Is it partisan to speak the truth?” — faithfull

Answer: No comment on Pat Tillman’s funeral because I didn’t see it and have never even heard anyone suggest that it was “political” before.

As to Reagan’s funeral, it wasn’t political, it was about Reagan, which is how it should be. The people who spoke, who attended, who paid their respects, treated Reagan as he should have been treated. They didn’t get up there and grandstand. You didn’t have Bush taking the opportunity to slam Clinton. Margaret Thatcher didn’t rip France. Michael Reagan didn’t call his brother a liberal twerp.

It was all about Reagan!

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To try to use a celebrity funeral to score political points and, “get your name out there,” like Jimmy Carter and Joseph Lowery did is disgusting, despicable, and disrespectful to the dead.

The fact that so many liberals have defended their actions and the truly grotesque Wellstone service is disturbing, because it just goes to show that there is something fundamentally wrong with them on a basic level.

Maybe they’re just so consumed with politics that they can’t see straight. Maybe they’re just so selfish that they even look at other people’s funerals as being, “all about them.” Maybe they’re just so cynical that they just look at a funeral as another event they can exploit to try to move their agenda forward.

Whatever the case may be, it’s inappropriate and wrong.

When someone dies, even if he or she is a political foe, at the very minimum human decency demands that we should try to be sympathetic to their families, avoid speaking ill of them at least until they’re in the ground, and we should show respect for the dead if we attend their funerals.

Why so many liberals don’t get this is baffling…

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