Q&A Friday #33: What Do You Think About Ann Coulter’s Latest Comments?

Question: “Ann Coulter. I know you love her. But I’d be interested in hearing your take on her CPAC speech.


It’s bound to be on Drudge by dinner ;)” — Wonder Woman

Answer: By the way, the quote in question is:

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“R*ghead talks tough, r*ghead faces thunderous consequences.”

I’ve always been a big supporter of Ann Coulter, but she’s been going way over the top more and more often lately. Talking about “raghead(s)” is dumb, offensive, and not funny so I’m certainly not going to defend her for it. In fact, she should come out and apologize, although Ann rarely apologizes for anything, so that seems unlikely.

Ann Coulter is a brilliant woman with a lot of guts, who has a knack for making incisive points that other people don’t make with lots of research to back it up. But, if she can’t tone it down a few notches and stop being so deliberately outrageous (and yes, it’s all deliberate), she’s going to be written off like Pat Robertson by a lot of conservatives sooner, rather than later (It’s worth noting that a lot of conservatives have already said good-bye to Ann).

It would be a shame for someone as talented as Ann Coulter to self-destruct like that, but that’s what it will come to if she doesn’t pull it together.

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