Q&A Friday #34: What About The Moderators?

Question: “what ever happened with your moderator plan?” — simulacre

Answer: I implemented it ]=D

Yes, that’s right, folks, there are mods among you. You may have talked with them, read their posts, and thought you were merely conversing with other RWN readers. But, instead you were talking to RWN’s version of the secret police: moderators with the power to delete your posts at will! Bwahahahahaha!

In all seriousness, there are 3 moderators and they have the power to delete posts (and I’ve given them some very specific guidelines to go by), but not to ban readers. If those 3 mods want to mention that they’re moderators or talk about the guidelines I’ve given them, they can do it in this thread. If not, that’s fine, too.

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The reason I haven’t made a big announcement about adding mods is because in my experience, some people tend to become inordinately concerned about what the moderators are or are not doing. So, I figured I’d let them operate for a while without mentioning it so that people can see that nothing’s going to change except that out-of-bounds comments probably won’t be up as long.

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