Q&A Friday #36: Iran And The UN

Question: “Now that Russia & China are presenting an united front and actually have made it clear they want iran to build a bomb – even they can not be stupid enough to think or try to convince us that they think that this is anything other than Iran wanting to build and likely use a bomb – do you think the WH will give up on the UN once and for all and deal with the reality that the rest of the world seems to want to be burned in nuclear fire?” — AlexinCT

Answer: It’s ludicrous that Bush is even going to the UN Security Council in the first place because they’d need Russia’s cooperation to impose effective sanctions and the Russians are the ones helping Iran build the bomb!

The Bush administration could just say that publicly and get on with things, but maybe they’re not ready to bomb yet or feel they need some political cover, and are just looking to kill some time at the UN.

Either way, when the time to act comes, I expect that the US or Israel will do whatever needs to be done, regardless of what the UN thinks about it.

*** Update #1 *** Here’s some more interesting news about our Russian “pals”:

“Russia provided intelligence to Iraq’s government on U.S. military movements in the opening days of the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, a Pentagon report released on Friday said.

The report said an April 2, 2003, document from the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs to President Saddam Hussein stated that Russian intelligence had reported information on American troops plans to the Iraqis through the Russian ambassador.

The intelligence, the document stated, was that the American forces were moving to cut off Baghdad from the south, east and north, that U.S. bombing would concentrate on Baghdad and that the assault on Baghdad would not begin before around April 15. In fact, Baghdad fell about a week before that date.

“Significantly, the regime was also receiving intelligence from the Russians that fed suspicions that the attack out of Kuwait was merely a diversion,” the report stated.

Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Cucolo of U.S. Joint Forces Command told a briefing he viewed Russia’s decision to give intelligence to Saddam’s government as “driven by economic interests.” The report noted Russian business interests in Iraqi oil.”

The “Evil Empire” may be gone, but that mercenary thug Putin certainly can’t be considered to be one of the “good guys”. That’s sad to say, because there were such great hopes of a US/Russian partnership just a few years ago, but the Russians are such unprincipled backstabbers that you can’t ever really trust them.

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