Q&A Friday #36: What If Conservatives Bought The New York Times?

Question: “Hi John,

I’m a longtime reader, 2+ years.

I was thinking about the problem of the liberal media lately and I wondered hwo the situation could be fixed. I recalled a recent article (who’s source I cannot remember) that showed with unerring facts, how the broadcast media invitably drew it’s “subject of the day” from the front page of The New York Times. It seems the old grey lady sets the agenda.

Since the NYT, and pretty much all newspapers with a libersl bent are seeing declining circulation and revenues, layoffs have begun and they are trying to find money anywhere they can. Heck, they are even letting a conservative blogger write for the opinion page now! (Hawkins note: I think he’s thinking about the WAPO’s new blog featuring Ben Domenech)

So this got me to thinking, what if? What if once the NYT, and several other prominent “newspapers of record” became weak enough, a prominant wealthy conservative stepped in a bought them up? It might have to be done through several shell/front companies to hide the real buyer, but it could be done. What if the new owner then converted them to unbiased or slightly conservative leaning publications? The result would be” — Joe Borne (Via Email)

Answer: If conservatives bought out the New York Times and moved it to the middle, liberals would start taking their cues from the LA Times or the WAPO. If we bought out the LA Times and WAPO, they’d start looking to the Chicago Tribune. If it came right down to it, liberals would be much more likely to get story ideas from the Daily Kos or Firedoglake (Front Page Headline: Many Similarities Between Bush And Hitler Noted) than any conservative newspaper.

We won’t beat the libs with sleight of hand tricks, we’ll defeat them by defeating them in the war of ideas. As the number of Americans who believe were right and they’re wrong grows, we’ll get stronger and they get weaker. Eventually, if we do a good enough job, modern liberalism, like communism, will be totally discredited in America. That’s a goal worth pursuing.

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