Q&A Friday #4: What Would It Take To Make You Support A Third Party?

Q: “How far would the Republicans have to go in 2004-2008 should Bush win for you to support a minor party in the congressional and presidential elections in 2008?” — tragicdreamer

A: I guess I could give you some sort of theoretical answer like “Oh, if Bush replaced Rumsfeld with Michael Moore and Dick Cheney with Barbra Streisand and then pardoned Osama Bin Laden, then I might support a third party”.

But the reality is, I’m not going to be voting for a third party candidate in 2008. I’m probably going to offend some people here, but there’s nothing dumber than a conservative who’s voting for the Constitution Party or Libertarians instead of the Republicans or a liberal who votes for the Greens or Ralph Nader instead of Kerry.

Voting for the Libertarians or Ralph Nader isn’t practically any different than not bothering to vote. You’re just wasting your time voting for someone who isn’t going to get elected and whose existence in the race means that it’s more likely that the party that least represents your views is going to get elected.

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