Q&A Friday #4

Today will be Q&A Friday #4 at RWN.

So, if there’s a subject you’ve been wanting me to tackle or an issue you want to hear my opinion on, just ask your question in the comments section. Your question can be about politics, ideology, history, blogging, RWN, from a liberal, conservative, or libertarian perspective, heck it can even be about movies, music, TV, and film if it’s interesting enough and I’ll try to root through the questions and start answering more of them around 5 PM EST today.

My posts will probably be a little shorter than normal and I won’t be able to get to every question (so don’t even bother asking fluff like “what is your favorite color” or “How often do you clip Patton’s nails”), but expect at least twice as many posts as normal today.

So ask away and let’s see how this goes…

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