Q&A Friday #44: Why Do You Suspect We Have Someone Inside Al-Qaeda?

Question: “Last week in your Q&A Friday segment, you stated you’d like to know if we had any top level spies in Al-Qaeda. What would make you think that we do?” — JSensation

Answer: We’re a big country, with wide open borders, and we have a practically uncountable number of soft or unprotected, high value targets for terrorists to hit. Yet, other than some freelance attacks (ex: The DC area snipers), we haven’t been hit.

That seems to be a rather significant and puzzling failure on Al-Qaeda’s part. Just imagine the impact of a half-dozen terrorists attacking an elementary school or blowing themselves up in a crowded area. It would be a big morale booster for Al-Qaeda, the media would spread hysteria, the Democrats would use it to attack Al-Qaeda’s most hated enemy, George Bush — and still we’ve seen nothing.

Sure, we have had some effective counter-terrorism programs, have torn up Al-Qaeda’s leadership structure, and have kept them busy in Iraq, but surely they’d have gotten a handful of guys through by now…unless we’ve got someone on the inside letting us know about their operations.

Keep in mind that it usually takes them a long time to finance and plan these attacks. If we had a turncoat on the inside, feeding us information, it probably wouldn’t be too hard for us to find a way to foil the attack without letting Al-Qaeda know how we got the info. Maybe a terrorist gets caught going through customs. Maybe they “just happen” to get picked up for speeding. There are so many ways we could bust these guys without tipping our hand.

So, when it comes right down to it, the fact that Al-Qaeda hasn’t managed to hit us again since 9/11, despite the fact that it shouldn’t be that hard and that they should be highly motivated to do so, is what makes me think we may have a man on the inside feeding us info.

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