Q&A Friday #45: If You Could Have A Super Power, What Would It Be?

Question: “If you had your choice of any super human power (super strength, flight, telekinesis, teleportation, invulnerability, to name a few), what would you choose for yourself and why? To what purpose would you use said ability?” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: I always thought the Highlander style, “You never age and you only die if someone cuts off your head,” way of living was pretty neat for obvious reasons.

But, if you wanted to look out for humanity instead of yourself, Professor X had the best set of powers. Here is a partial description of Professor X’s “Telepathy” power:

“Charles Xavier is a mutant with the power of telepathy. He is able to read thoughts, communicate with others psionically on a global (and sometimes galactic) level. Professor Xavier can erase, create, and manipulate thoughts and memories, control the actions of others, mentally induce pain, paralysis, unconsciousness, and even death in other people. He can completely shut down the mind and body of others.”

Now you might say, why not go for the obvious? Why not have the powers of Superman or the Molecule Man? It’s because Professor X would be the most powerful person on earth, by far, and yet no one would ever know he was doing anything.

Imagine the possibilities. You could know and manipulate the intentions of world leaders (“Today, President Ahmadinejad declared that he absolutely loves Jews”), psychically locate and kill terrorists (Bin Laden), find out what’s really going on (“How many women has Bill Clinton slept with since he married Hillary?”), and even pull off the old Jedi mind trick at will (“Hillary Clinton, you feel compelled to tell the truth.”)

Meanwhile, you’d be one of those “unknown unknowns” that Donald Rumsfeld once made reference to. No one would know anything about the impact you were having or be able to counter you, because no one would realize you were having an impact in the first place. It would all just be chalked up to coincidence.

Now that’s a super power!

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