Q&A Friday #49: Does America Have The Stomach For The War On Terror?

Question: “Does America have the stomach for the war on terror or has the left so emasculated our culture that we no longer have the guts to stand up and fight a real war?” — WSOwen02

Answer: It’s human nature to become complacent and to believe that just because things are going OK right now, they’ll always be that way. In our case, since we haven’t been hit again since 9/11, a lot of Americans just assume that we won’t be hit again and think that if we are hit, we’ll probably get off light.

Combine that with Democrats, who habitually oppose the most basic measures to defend America from terrorists because they are worried about offending Europe, don’t want to make the people who want to kill us madder, figure they can blame an attack on George Bush, etc., etc., and it makes it difficult to get things done sometimes.

Then, you also have to consider that in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re fighting counter insurgencies, not a typical war. Since that’s the case, the old WW2 style, “Surrender or we will bomb you and everyone you love back to the stone age,” paradigm won’t work — although that could be used in other situations like Iran and Syria, if need be.

Long story short, I hate to say this, but Americans are not going to get deadly serious about doing anything and everything it takes to stop terrorism unless there’s another attack in the US or a really huge attack somewhere else that’s so big it can’t be ignored.

All we can really do in the interim to try to prevent that sort of nightmare scenario is to support tough foreign policy and national security measures, hammer the people that oppose them, and cross our fingers and hope it’s enough to keep a lot of Americans from getting killed.

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