Q&A Friday #49: What Would Happen If The Democrats Gained Control Of Congress?

Question: “How do you see the next two years in politics breaking down if the Democrats do manage to take back one or both Houses of Congress in November? With Bush’s poll numbers as low as they are right now, qualifying him as a near lame-duck already, would anything really be that different? Is anything at all going to get accomplished on the domestic side, regardless of who controls Congress?” — maledicta

Answer: Here are just a few things that Republicans should think about before they decide to stay home in 2006. If the GOP were to lose the House and Senate, the consequences could include:

* The Democrats cutting off funds to the troops, forcing them to come home, and thereby delivering victory into the hands of the terrorists in Iraq.

* The Dems could systematically block crucial intelligence programs, many of which the general public probably doesn’t even know about yet, and leave us wide open for one — or even a dozen new 9/11s.

* An illegal immigration amnesty plan being pushed through the House that would legalize 12 million plus illegals, their families, and their relatives without securing the border.

* An end to the Bush tax cuts.

* The Democrats would push for new tax increases.

* Spending could INCREASE considerably as Democrats use their stronger position to funnel more pork to their districts and push big government programs.

* If a Supreme Court Justice were to retire and Bush were able to nominate a replacement, the nuclear option would be out of reach and Bush could be forced to nominate a moderate in order to get him through.

* Two years of impeachment attempts for anything and everything the Democrats can come up with.

I will grant you that the Republicans, particularly the Republicans in the Senate and President Bush, haven’t done a great job on some key issues that conservatives care about. But, putting more Democrats in office certainly isn’t going to improve matters.

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