Q&A Friday #5: Stacy Or Trish?

Q&A Friday #5: Stacy Or Trish?

Question: “Following MaryAnne or Ginger….Stacy Keibler or Trish Stratus?” — TigerBomb

Answer: Being asked to choose between Trish (left) & Stacy (right) is like winning the lottery and deciding whether you want the money in one lump sum or in payments over 20 years. In other words, whichever way you go, you come out a winner.

This is a really tough call for me, but in this case I’d have to go with Stacy.

That being said, if Stephanie McMahon were included, I’d pick her over either of them.

Not only is she really hot, she also helps run the business & write the scripts, so you know she’s sharp. No question about it, Steph would be my #1 choice…

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