Q&A Friday #50: Why Can’t The New Media Measure Up To The Mainstream Media?

Question: “Do you agree or disagree that the alternative media is failing to properly inform the American people on the War on Terror because it is being sucked into the same overly partisan mentality that has dominated the liberal MSM since the 2000 election?

Talk radio and the blogosphere has been great at calling out the MSM on its failures, but they are failing to shift the focus of the debate.” — Mike_M

Answer: The new media just doesn’t have the reach of the old media yet. The reality is that most people still get their news from their local papers, their local news shows, and the big 3 networks, all of which are going to slant to the left in most cases.

In other words, you have to actively seek out conservative news sources like Rush Limbaugh or Right Wing News, while liberal news sources like ABC, NBC, CBS, The Washington Post, LA Times, New York Times, etc., etc., etc., are still the default news options for a lot of people.

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That’s why a paper like the New York Times can shift the debate by merely putting a story on their front page, while a blog like Right Wing News can’t have a significant impact unless a bigger outlet or columnist picks up on something I write and broadcasts it to a wider audience.

The good news is that even if the left still has an edge, it’s much more balanced than it used to be. Moreover, the drive by media is still losing audience share, while the new media is taking tiny bites out of the MSM day in and day out. Talk radio, the blogosphere, Fox, etc., will never replace the old liberal lions, but we will do an even better job of evening out the playing field for conservatism. It’s just a matter of time.

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