Q&A Friday #51: Who’s To Blame If The GOP Loses Congress?

Question: “Serious question: If the democrats take back the house and senate – not a given, but definitely a possibility – who’s fault is it? Who do you blame it on? Soccer moms that switched back to democrat? Reagan democrats that switched? Moderates tired of the Iraq war?

I mean, at some point -if the democrats win- do the ultra conservatives say “it’s because the average American voter is so stupid, they don’t know any better”? — bcb1

Answer: See, this is the difference between liberals and conservatives. When liberals lose elections they blame the voters for rejecting them. It must be those darn Jesus freaks or racist Southerners or the people in the middle-class who are too dumb to understand that liberals know what’s best for them.

That’s not the way conservatives handle things. The reason the GOP is going to lose seats in November is primarily because the Washington DC, GOP crowd hasn’t done a good job of governing or explaining themselves to the American people over the last couple of years.

Republicans in Washington abandoned their conservative principles on issues like deficit spending and illegal immigration. They got complacent and didn’t fight back when the Democratic Party lied about them and undercut the war in Iraq. Bush made a lot of amateurish political mistakes. Now, it’s time to pay the piper.

So, you want to know whom I blame? I blame the Republican Party and whether the GOP holds or loses Congress in November, they need to make some real changes in how they’re conducting business in Washington so they can earn back the trust and support of the American people.

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