Q&A Friday #52: Do You Want A One Party Government?

Question: Many, if not most of the articles and comments here on RWN are to complain about the liberal Democrats. About how much better life would be without them in the political process, since they are so destructive to America.

But what is the alternative? A one-party system with nothing but Republicans running everything? I’ve always wanted to ask Rush the same question. If the Democrats are so bad – so wrong, so much of the time – then what do you propose, if you could have any political system, any solution that you wanted?” — bcb1

“Good question, I’ve often thought the Dems serve a very useful purpose, which is giving the conservatives and the libertarians a common enemey. Take the libs out of the equation, and you have two factions with fairly extreme opposing views… and they both own a lot of guns.” — President_Friedman

Answer: With our political system, there will always be two parties, but I’d like both of them to be more conservative. So, I don’t want to see the Democratic Party go out of business, I want to see liberalism go out of business. There’s a difference.

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