Q&A Friday #55: Have You Ever Been Threatened?

Question: Has anyone ever threatened you legally, physically, or otherwise because of articles you’ve written for your blog?” — mike_the_engineer

Answer: I’ve had a couple of death threats and a few physical threats over the years and a few legal threats as well. But, that sort of comes with the territory.

As far as the physical threats go, I have an unlisted phone number and since I moved from Charlotte, I don’t give out where I live to the general public. So, that’s not really a big worry although someone dedicated could always track me down. Of course, if it ever got that far, I do have a gun.

Then, with the legal threats: I’ve never gotten one that I thought had any merit whatsoever. But, even if it did come to a court battle, I’m a member of the Media Bloggers Association and they do have general counsel, Ronald Coleman, who helps out if you end up having to go to court.

Additionally, if I could find a decent lawyer who would charge a reasonable (read cheap) retainer fee, that would suit me, as well. Given our overlawyered culture, you can’t be too careful.

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