Q&A Friday #56: What Aren’t More Defeated Politicians Running For President?

Question: “What are the legal, bureaucratic, or traditional obstacles that prevent a defeated politician from pursuing the Presidency?

I ask because plenty of conservatives were defeated and the McCain, Guliani, Romney lineup is killing me.” — Dinglehoff

Answer: The thinking is that if you can’t even win on your own home turf, how can you possibly win a nationwide race? In other words, if George Allen can’t even beat James Webb or Rick Santorum can’t even beat Bob Casey, what makes anyone think that they could go toe to toe with Hillary Clinton or John Edwards and win a nationwide election?

As far as McCain, Giuliani, & Romney go, I share your lack of enthusiasm — as do a lot of people from what I’ve been reading and hearing.

But, who knows what may happen? Newt Gingrich could genuinely be said to be in the three slot right now, although I suspect that he doesn’t intend to run. Duncan Hunter is also a pretty exceptional candidate, but he has a long way to go at this point to make it into the top tier. There’s also always the possibility that a governor like Rick Perry, Mark Sanford, or Tim Pawlenty will jump in and make a go of it. Otherwise? It’s not looking so good for conservatives on the presidential front.

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