Q&A Friday #58: The New Comments Section

Question: “Can you fix it so we don’t get dumped out of the comments section after we hit post?” — mightysamurai

Answer: Overall, people have seemed to like the new design, although there were some complaints about the comments. Here are the 4 things that people said they didn’t like about the new comments section:

#1) It doesn’t open in a separate window: There was a tech reason for this connected to Movable Type 3.31. Danny told me this would be difficult to change, so I told him just to leave it be.

#2) The comments had dotted lines around them: They’re now solid.

#3) The comments were hard to read: The comments now alternate between dark and light colors and that, along with the solid lines, make them much easier to read.

#4) People were dumped out of the comments section after they hit post: That’s no longer the case.

So, at this point, I think the comments should be much improved from how they looked after the initial redesign.

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