Q&A Friday #59: How Would Pelosi Respond To An Iranian Nuclear Attack On Israel?

Question: “Pelosi just said that the President does not have any authority to invade Iran. However, what do you think would be her, and other liberal reaction, if the Iranians detonated a nuke in Tel Aviv tomorrow?” — RtWingNtCase

I don’t know, but I hope the words, “After Israel’s retaliatory strike, Iran is the first country ever to have been completely destroyed by nuclear weapons,” are included in there somewhere.

Additionally, Pelosi would whine and complain that George Bush didn’t stop Iran from getting the bomb. That’s how liberals roll. They do everything humanly possible to make it easier for our enemies to kill Americans and our allies and then they try to point the finger elsewhere when, inevitably, the attacks they paved the way for finally occur.

PS: The President would need permission to go to war with Iran, but he DOES NOT NEED their permission to bomb Iran or attempt to forment revolution there.

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PS #2: Additionally, we should use any means necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons or helping insurgents/terrorists in Iraq kill our soldiers. I’m sick of hearing about what Iran might do in retaliation if we stand up to them. They should be a hell of a lot more worried about what we’ll do to them than vice-versa.

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