Q&A Friday #59: What Are Your Favorite Bands?

Question: “What are your favorite bands of all time?” — D-Vega

Answer: I have really eclectic tastes:

The Cure: “Kiss me, Kiss me, kiss me,” is the best album of all-time IMO.

Insane Clown Posse: When you spend your teenage years listening to gangster rap like NWA and the Geto Boys, it’s not a big surprise when you take the next step and move on evil clown bands =D.

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Twisted Sister: Normally, you don’t see the words “timeless classic,” and “Twisted Sister” in the same sentence, but I still love songs like, “The Beast,” “The Price,” & “Stay Hungry,” after all these years.

AC/DC: Nobody rocks longer, harder, or better.

Johnny Cash: I’ve just gotten more into his work in the last couple of years. He’s by far my favorite country artist of all-time.

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