Q&A Friday #6: What About Australia?

Question: (Via Email) “Dear John,

My name’s Joel from Australia. Recently the Conservatives had a land-slide victory against Labor (the Left) who were preferencing with the far-left Greens. We increased our majority in the Lower House in which Prime Minister John Howard governs, while in the Upper House we are looking at gaining complete control.

For the first time in decades we are looking at having an unrivalled majority! Surely this is good news for President Bush who called to congratulate Prime Minister Howard, and I was hence surprised when the Australian election was not even mentioned on your website.

Love the website keep up the good work.” — Joel

Answer: I was on vacation when John Howard won election. Had I not been, I would have posted multiple daily news items about the election.

In any event, Australia has been a fantastic, stalwart, ally in the war on terrorism and I’m thrilled to see that John Howard won again. In my opinion, Australia is one of the crown jewels of Western civilization. May John Howard help to keep her standing tall…

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