Q&A Friday #6: Would A 2nd Bush Term Mean The End Of Abortion?

Question: “Hey, If Bush is re-elected come November, and he gets his picks for supreme court justices approved, is it possible that abortion could be put to an end?” — Randompasserby

Answer: There will likely be multiple Supreme Court slots opening up in the next term and if Bush is re-elected, it may be a dogfight, but he will eventually put conservative judges in there.

If that happens, I think there is a good chance Roe v. Wade may be overturned because I believe it’s bad constitutional law that’s based on a right to privacy that doesn’t exist in the Constitution.

Would that mean abortion would be put to an end? No. But if Roe v. Wade were overturned, it would mean that the decision would go back to the states. some states would then ban abortion, some states wouldn’t, and some would split the difference (more restrictions, but not an outright ban).

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So abortion in the US wouldn’t end, but the number of babies being snuffed out by their own mothers would likely drop precipitously and that’s certainly a good thing.

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