Q&A Friday #60: What About The Talks With Iran And Syria?

Question: “What do you make of Condi Rice’s announcement that the US will talk with Iran & Syria about Iraq after all?” — CoolCzech

Answer: The only message we should be giving Syria and Iran is, “Here’s the punishment that’s going to be inflicted on you if you don’t stop behaving badly,” and we don’t need to have talks with them to get that across.

This is a propaganda victory for the Islamo-Fascists, makes Bush look weak, has a very minimal chance of actually accomplishing anything, and will probably only result in a delay on our part in taking necessary actions (We better not do that because we don’t want to do anything that might disrupt the talks!).

So, if Bush can make this work — well, more power to him. But, I think it’s a rotten idea and it’s likely that more bad than good will come of it in the end.

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