Q&A Friday #61: Describe Your Perfect Woman

Question: Please describe your “perfect woman.” — Don_cos

Answer: 3 parts Mary Katharine Ham (The blogosphere’s sweetheart and every bit as nice as she comes across on her blog),

Mary Katharine Ham

a little dash of Amanda Carpenter (Amanda is cocky, brainy, and has a wicked sense of humor),

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Amanda Carpenter

a smidge of Dr. Helen (A beautiful mind),

Dr. Helen Smith

a bit of Karol Sheinin (Karol is always a blast to talk with),

Karol Sheinin

a handful of Michelle Malkin (She’s courageous and the hardest working woman in the blogosphere),

Michelle Malkin

and a couple of spoonfuls of Right Thinking Girl (I could talk to RTG for a week straight and never get bored),

Right Thinking Girl

and I think that would be close enough.

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