Q&A Friday #62: What Should The Conservative Stance On Pornography Be?

Question: “What should be the official conservative stance on pornography?” — D-Vega

Answer: From a legal standpoint…I couldn’t care less if people want to look at pornography in the privacy of their own homes as long as it’s not something that’s illegal to make in the first place (like child pornography).

However, I don’t believe pornography should be available on library computers, nor do I believe aging pop singers should be showing their breasts at Super Bowl half time shows. Additionally, I don’t think porn should be advertised in public places or sent as spam to people (although there isn’t much that can be practically done about that).

In other words, people who want to see pornography should be able to view it in private, but it shouldn’t be thrust into the public square.

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PS: I don’t believe in government censorship of the net to tackle porn either (except for the aforementioned examples like child porn). If parents are worried about their kids getting porn, they should use content filtering on their computers and follow that up by regularly monitoring what their children are doing online.

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