Q&A Friday #63: Martial Arts.

Question: “Totally random two-parter question:

– Have you ever trained in any Martial Arts/Self Defense systems?

– If you have enough time and money to train to a high level in any Martial Art/Self Defense system, which one would it be?

(On a political note, I’d be interested to see a study on Liberal and Conservative tendencies regarding the above – generally I’ve found that Liberals opt for more “soft” systems with lots of the “inner harmony” type teaching, whilst conservatives tend towards the more “reality based systems” such as Krav Maga, due to their directness).” — Brit_Student

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Answer: I trained in Southern Longfist Kung-Fu for about a year when I was in college. Later on, I took a few Kenpo classes, but wasn’t really motivated to learn and stay at it the way I was when I was younger.

If I were going to take something today (which honestly, I’m not), it would probably be JuJitsu or Krav Maga. But, I’m not dedicated enough to drive a long way to classes which would mean that I would probably get stuck taking Tae Kwon Do (I’m not a big fan of that style), which seems to be everywhere.

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