Q&A Friday #63: What About The Duke Lacrosse Non-Rape Case?

Question: “Do you have any comment on the now dropped Duke Lacrosse rape case?

If I may add my own comment, I was listening to Rush today and he covered the press conference. He noted that the AG, didn’t say “there is not enough evidence to continue” or that the players were “not guilty”. He clearly said “they were INNOCENT”.” — WSOwen02

Answer: Three Things

#1) A lot of “black leaders” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton essentially accused those Duke players of being rapists and let’s face it: race played a big role in that. In the minds of bigots like Sharpton and Jackson, those guys were guilty just because they were white.

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But, never fear. I, John Hawkins, am going to play the same role that Jesse and Al usually do in these situations. If both of them chip in a few thousand dollars to my PayPal account (the button is over there on the left), contribute to some charities of my choosing, and profusely apologize to me for their racist accusations towards the Duke Lacrosse players, I will be willing to personally accept their apology on behalf of the white community.

#2) It was obvious that they were innocent early last year and if everyone else could figure it out, Mike Nifong certainly knew it, too, but he railroaded them for political reasons and hoped the whole thing would just go away. Personally, I hope he’s disbarred and sued into bankruptcy.

#3) It’s an absolute outrage that they didn’t prosecute Crystal Gail Mangum, the stripper who made the false allegations. She got the Duke Lacrosse coach fired, dragged the team and university through the mud, and damaged the reputations of those 3 players she falsely accused. That is a crime and she should see the inside of a jail for it.

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