Q&A Friday #63: Which 5 Countries Would You Like To Get Rid Of?

Question: “If you could wipe one country off the planet with a snap of your fingers, which country would it be and why?” — D-Vega

Answer: “Wipe one country off the planet” seems so harsh. Let’s say, if, with one snap of my fingers, I could move everyone in a country to a lovely planet elsewhere, where they could live in harmony with the land while their neighbors stole their land back on earth, which one would it be?

Honorable Mentions: Pakistan, Mexico, France, Syria, Russia, & Somalia.

#5) Saudi Arabia: The intellectual wellspring of radical Islam is in Saudi Arabia. Anywhere you find radical imams or terrorists, you’ll usually find some Saudi or Iranian money not far behind.

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#4) North Korea: A backwards country run by a tyrant with nukes. North Korea adds nothing to the world and is extremely dangerous. We’d be better off without them.

#3) Iran: The world’s foremost terrorist supporting state and currently the biggest threat to world stability. Not only would getting rid of Iran be a great step forward in the war on terror, it would make the nuke question irrelevant.

#2) China: Long-term, the Chinese are the next great threat to world stability. Plus, they support rogue regimes across the globe, they’re ramping up their military spending, and they’re greedily eyeing Taiwan.

#1) The Palestinians in the Occupied Territories: Well, at least they’d finally have their own state, right? The Palestinians are the most violent, quarrelsome, and degenerate people on earth and as a bonus, removing them would create peace in the Middle-East for a few weeks until Israel’s other neighbors could figure out another pretext to start a fight over.

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