Q&A Friday #64: What Should I Do About The Kittens?

Question: (Post 1) “This past weekend, I spent a great deal of time cleaning up my property. Mowing, weeding, clearing dead brush, etc. In a back corner, I have a two story redwood playset that weighs at least a ton that we spent several thousand dollars on that my childs rarely play with. My son had told me that a board on the bottom had broken and was wondering if I could fix it. I opened the door, a cat hissed at me, and jumped out. Left behind were at least 3 kittens not more than a week or two old. That night, I put out cat food and water and have done so each evening since. Last night, I went in and the food was untouched and the kittens were crying. This morning, the food was still not touched and I heard the crying. Now I doubt that anyone took in the mother because she was quite feral and ran at the sight of me. A couple of days of giving her food would not have changed this. So I either freightened her away or she was hit by a car or she was killed by a larger predator.

What should I do about the kittens? They will not last much longer without their mother. My wife is in no condition to care for them. She is calling our vet and the local SPCA to see what they think we can do. Do any of you have any suggestions?” — BIG

(Post 2) “The cats can’t be more than a week. About 30 years ago, I had a cat that had kittens and from the memories I have, they appear about that old. My wife just had surgery, so I don’t think she wants to take on 3 kittens right now. I also have two young children, so if we do bring them in, they will never leave. On top of that, our cat of 14 years died 3 months ago. We did take in a stray about 4 years ago, so we already have a cat.

We are trying to see if the vet will take them. Otherwise, I think we are stuck feeding them with droppers.” — BIG

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Answer: Just explain to the kids up front that the are kittens are temporary guests, not new pets, bring the kittens in and feed them, and then look for opportunities to give them away.

I mean since you can’t get anyone else to take them, your only other options seem to be to let them starve to death in your swingset or grab a bag and a rock while you look for a nearby lake — and those are not things that you’re going to do because if you were that sort of person, you would have never written the post in the first place.

So, it may be inconvenient, but you might as well go ahead and take ’em in. It’ll probably be a bit of a pain for a few weeks until you can find them another home, but when it’s over, you’ll at least be able to take pride in having done the right thing.

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