Q&A Friday #66: Why Are The Pols So Surprised About The Illegal Immigration Uproar?

Question: “Given that anyone who even occasionally listens to talk radio or looks at the blogosphere would likely know how most folks feel about illegal immigration, why do you think the Republicans in Congress are so surprised by the response?” — RtWingNtCase

Answer: You almost answered your own question there. These pols don’t read the blogosphere and listen to talk radio and therefore they don’t really have their fingers on the pulse of conservative opinion.

Instead they read the mainstream media, the Wall Street Journal, and they watch Cable and that just doesn’t cut it. Even the cable news shows don’t generally give you a good idea of what conservatives think. I mean Bill O’Reilly, Joe Scarborough, Fred Barnes, William Kristol, etc., are all fine folks and they are conservatives, but they’re not all that representative of conservative opinion on some issues — like illegal immigration.

That’s why anyone who reads the blogosphere regularly and listens to talk radio could have predicted that there would be a huge backlash while the pols, a lot of them at least, seemed to be surprised at the intensity of the blowback they’ve received.

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