Q&A Friday #67: Why Big Business Favors The Senate Illegal Immigration Bill

Question: “I keep hearing that “big business” favors the amnesty bill because it provides a continuing source of cheap labor.

Shouldn’t the opposite be true, because if your grant amnesty to illegals, wouldn’t labor costs go up, because now you have to pay for all the things that were skipped before, e.g. unemployment and insurance costs?” — N. O’Brain

Answer: While it is true that guest workers will cost more than illegals, they’ll still work cheaper than American workers — which makes sense if you think about it. If you’re a guest worker and your choice is between making $10 a day at home and working for minimum wage in the US, you’re still coming out way ahead by working here.

Also — and this is key — this bill isn’t going to end illegal immigration. Instead, it will guarantee these businesses a flow of illegal immigrants for years to come. For example, illegals who come here on a guest worker program will simply go underground when their time is up instead of going back home. Moreover, the bill won’t secure the border, which is why even the CBO admits it will only cut the flow of illegals by 25%.

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That means the shady businesses get to keep the 12-20 million illegals who are already here, get more workers from chain immigration and a guest worker program, and in another 20 years, we’ll have 9-15 million more illegals ready to accept their amnesty. Then, the process will start all over again, except it will be even easier on the illegals because there will be 12-20 million former illegal aliens who will be voting citizens by then.

PS: Now, you’ll hear some members of the open borders crowd talk about the enforcement provisions in the bill, but the provisions are a ruse because the very same people who are demanding that we refuse to enforce our laws today will thwart the new laws in the future after the same corrupt businesses complain.

PS #2: Also keep in mind how the “racism trap” comes into play. If you accept the arguments of people like Lindsey Graham and Linda Chavez, who say that it’s racist to stop illegals from coming here, what you are doing is accepting permanent open borders. Why? Because the majority of our illegals are always going to come from Latin America. If you accept that it’s “racist” to stop this batch of illegals from breaking out laws, it’ll be just as “racist” to stop the next batch, and so on, ad infinitum, until so many people from Mexico and South America will arrive here that this country will be as much of a backwards, third world country as the places that they’re fleeing.

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