Q&A Friday #69: Sex, Celebs, And Movies

Question: “Do you think it’s appropriate for RWN and similar sights to continually promote and support celebrity soft core pornography? Like pictures of Brittany Spear’s boob of the day? Or crotch shots of hot left wingers?

Similarly, Why do many conservatives not care what they do as long as it gives them entertainment?

I’ll NEVER go to a movie with certain actors like Woopie Goldberg, George Clooney, Alec Baldwin or similar left-ards that vocally rip conservatism. I wouldn’t care if Charlton Heston was in the movie, I won’t give them my $. The more we conservatives support them, the more they can influence our culture adversely, don’t you think?” — Trogdor

Answer: First of all, I don’t promote soft core pornography. It’s like the sort of pics you have in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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As to why I do that, it’s because it drives traffic. Since I started adding one of those a day to CG, traffic went up like 40%-50%. Since each CG reader clicks roughly 3 links each, that means having those pics is the difference between say 2000 readers/6000 clicks on links and 3000 readers/9000 clicks.

As far as the left-wing actors in movies, I generally just decide if the movie is good or not and base it on that, not on whether the actors are left-wing nuts with Bush Dementia Syndrome.

That’s not what everyone does, but it’s how I handle it.

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