Q&A Friday #7: Could A Pro-Choice Candidate Win The GOP Nomination In 2008?

Question: “Do you think it is possible that a pro-choice republican candidate could win the presidency in 2008?” — wisconsinite

Answer: Theoretically, yes. Practically, it would be much harder to pull off because in order to satisfy the majority of the party which is pro-life, the candidate would have to promise not to move backwards on any pro-life issues and to appoint strict constructionists who believe in judicial restraint to the bench.

Then — and here’s the real trick — the base would have to believe him and would have to want him as the candidate badly enough to pass up candidates who are more socially conservative.

Can any candidate thread that needle? I think that conceivably Rudy Giuliani could, but just because he could, doesn’t mean he will =D

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