Q&A Friday #70: What’s So Evil About Communism?

Question: “Keep in mind this question is coming from someone who has almost no memory of the cold war (I was very young when it ended), and who has lived in country on the other side of the world all their lives.

What is so inherently EVIL about communism? It seems like a dumb way to rule a country and yes it has had more than its fair share of dictators, but what gets people so angry about it?

This is a question which has bugged me every time someone mentions communism, it would be great to get a straight answer.” — scalt

Answer: Communism is a system that forces human beings to behave in a method that runs contrary to human nature and as such, is always destined to fail, impoverish the people living under it, and crush the human spirit. Communism is all about forcing people to work for the state, stealing the fruit of their labor, and giving faceless bureaucrats unlimited power and control over every aspect of the human existence.

That’s why Communist nations always end up being totalitarian. Because when the people see what a nightmare communism is, they reject it, and then the elitist left-wingers who implemented the system in the first place have to use force to maintain the system.

The free press has to go because it’ll report the truth about how terrible communism is for the people. Real, honest elections are out because the people would vote to get rid of communism. The communists always end up turning to secret police, gulags, non-stop government propaganda, and murder, sometimes on an almost unimaginable scale, to keep the people under control.

In the 20th century, communist regimes killed more than a hundred million people including (rough estimates that vary a lot depending on whose work you believe)

Mao: 77 million
Soviet Union: 61 million
Pol Pot: 2 million
Kim Il-Sung: 1.6 million

The Nazis were lightweights compared to the communists who killed far more people, enslaved far more people, and held power for a much longer time.

If you want to know why Communism has never been treated with the utter disdain of Nazism in the United States, it’s because liberals have always been sympathetic to commies. Liberals flirted with Communism in the forties and fifties and vigorously defended the communists who moved into positions of power in Hollywood and even the communist spies in our own government. Even today, you have liberals slobbering over that evil old monster Castro and wearing Che Guevara t-shirts.

But, despite the liberal comfort with Communism, it is an evil system with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Update #1: A member of Congressman Thaddeus McCotter’s staff read this post and sent me an email saying that the Congressman had written about communism in Cuba and asking if I’d like to post what he has written. To be honest, it’s nice to know that the Congressman’s staff is apparently regularly reading RWN, so I thought I would add what he had to say as an update to this post.

The Blessed Ranks of Free Peoples

By Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

Today, the United States Congress perversely held a vote to expand trade with a state sponsor of terror: communist Cuba.

Fortunately, due to the leadership of Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Mario Diaz-Balart, this insane attempt to appease and enrich the totalitarian Castro regime died a deserved death by a vote of 182-245.

This was but another skirmish in the long running battle to ensure the dysfunctional Congressional thinking prevalent in some quarters never becomes a majority. It is ironic and disturbing some United States Representatives – who were freely elected by a free and sovereign American citizenry – could so cavalierly ignore or dismiss the true and cruel nature of Castro’s communist and terrorist sponsoring regime and prize mere money more than human freedom.

Yet try these Representatives did in a time of war where Castro stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the enemies of America, pledges his allegiance and vows to conspire with them to bring our nation to its knees. Such an absence of moral clarity and adherence to one’s sworn duty to defend America against all enemies in times of peace and – as we are now – in a time of war is inexcusable and unconscionable. Communist Cuba is a state sponsor of terror. Thus, for the sake of American and all human freedom, this state sponsor of terror must never be sponsored by the target of terror – our United States of America.

No. Castro’s communist regime must be erased from face of the earth.

Through God’s tender mercy and all lovers of liberty’s faithful acts, the day will come when the sweep of human freedom cleanses Castro’s taint from this “imprisoned island,” and Cubans once more walk amongst the blessed ranks of free peoples.

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