Q&A Friday #72: Who Would Win In A No Holds Barred, Three-Way Cage Match Between Neil Diamond, Ron Paul And Bruce Campbell?

Question #72: Who would win in a no holds barred, three-way cage match between Neil Diamond, Ron Paul and Bruce Campbell?

Answer: It is Ron Paul’s ultimate destiny to snap Neil Diamond’s spine, crush Bruce Campbell’s pelvis like an eggshell, and then go on to win the presidency so he can save America from the neocons and stop the North American Union.

Some people may deny this, those of you who hate freedom and are being paid off by the Jews, but the reality is that Ron Paul will be the only real cage fighter in that match and his love of the Constitution will enable him to gouge out Neil Diamond’s eyes and to bite off a chunk of Bruce Campbell’s ear before either of them know what’s happening.

In fact, to say that Ron Paul will merely win the match is an understatement. He will not only win, he will revolutionize the sport of mixed martial arts in the process before he goes on to inevitable victory in the Republican primaries and sweeps into office in 2009, as our new President, with history’s largest margin of victory.

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