Q&A Friday #73: The Future Of The Fair Tax Movement

Question: “Do you have any thoughts regarding the future of the Fair Tax movement, or any of the other campaigns to get rid of income tax?” — sabiticus

Answer: Here’s the primary thing that people need to keep in mind about a national income tax, flat tax, or the fair tax, right now…

Small steps.

Everyone asks the presidential contenders how they feel about the Fair Tax, but it really doesn’t matter how they feel if it can’t get through Congress. Today? The Fair Tax couldn’t pass the House and it would probably be lucky to get 30 votes in the Senate.

So, what do we do?

Small steps.

We should try to flatten and simplify the tax code. Reagan got that done and we can, too. Then, after that works, you move on to the next step.

It’s good to know what the goal is, but we need to focus on taking small steps towards where we want to go.

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