Q&A Friday #75: The Dobson Vs. Rudy Kerfluffle

Question: “Do you think a republican nomination of Giuliani would tear the republican party apart and not only hurt it in this election but further down the line to.” — adam123

Answer: After James Dobson and Company have already very loudly and publicly pledged to support a “third party ” in 2008 if Rudy is the nominee, I believe that they would have a very difficult time climbing down from that pronouncement. And, if a significant number of social conservatives abandon the GOP in 2008, we’re going to lose.

So, if Rudy is the nominee, will a lot of social conservatives be alienated? Yes. Will a large number of social conservatives staying home or voting for a third party increase resentment towards them from other parts of the base? Yes.

That means that not only would we lose in 2008, we’d have a lot of issues that would have to be worked out if we wanted to have an opportunity to get back on track in 2010.

In other words, it would be a bad scene all the way around and the resulting problems caused by it would extend beyond the 2008 election.

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