Q&A Friday #77: Why Are Liberals More Willing To Attack Conservatives Than People Who Want To Kill Us?

Question: “Why do liberals insist on looking to their own countrymen to find enemies instead of focusing on the folks outside the USA who actually DO want to kill us?” — RtWingNtCase

Answer: 4 reasons.

1) Liberals think conservatives are evil. So, it’s easy for them to blame us for just about anything.

2) At its most basic level, liberalism is nothing more than childlike emotionalism applied to adult issues.

Because of this, the average liberal has a view of foreign policy that is about as sophisticated as a five year old’s thinking.

It’s like, going to war is mean, so we shouldn’t do it! We should always solve our problems by talking instead of hitting! We should get the permission of the teacher (United Nations) before we do anything.

Sure, they can put a better face on it than that, but in all honesty, their thinking really doesn’t get much more sophisticated than this at its root level.

3) Because liberals have such a naive view of foreign policy, they have insisted on numerous ridiculous policies over the years that have made them simply incapable of effectively dealing with people who want to kill us while staying within liberal doctrine at the same time.

The UN isn’t friendly to us, but we have to get its permission to defend ourselves. No matter how long we take, it’s always a “rush to war” (Translation: veering from diplomacy is never acceptable). Every problem can just be solved by being nice to people. Etc, Etc.

4) Because liberals aren’t comfortable with foreign policy (beyond using it as a club to attack conservatives) and have extreme difficulties dealing with it in an effective manner, they try to avoid dealing with it in a substantive way as much as possible. That’s why, aside from voting for the war in Afghanistan, liberalism has contributed absolutely nothing to the war on terrorism in this country. On some level, they understand how that makes them look, and so they’d rather turn things back to familiar ground. In other words, they may not have any suggestions for winning the war on terrorism or defeating Islamo-Fascism, but attacking Bush? That they can do.

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