Q&A Friday #78: “Protests” That Block Supplies To The Troops

Question: “What’s your opinion on the Olympia “activists” who have been blocking military shipments to and from the base there, with such tactics as bringing toddlers along and pouring cement on railroad tracks?” — The_Senator

Answer: You don’t have a First Amendment right to block traffic and they shouldn’t be allowed to do so. If they insist on blocking traffic, they should be arrested.

There are also protesters bringing their children to these protests and sticking them in the road, in front of military trucks. Quite frankly, that’s a strong indication that they’re unfit parents and they should be investigated by Social Services to see if their children are safe in their homes.

As for the people who poured cement on the railroad tracks, they deserve to spend the next few years in a cell.

Last but not least, there is no such thing as a good American, a patriot, or even a decent person, who stands in the road trying to cut off supplies to our troops in the field.

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