Q&A Friday #78: Will We Go Back To US As Envisioned By The Founding Fathers?

Question: “Despite a few temporary victories here and there, such as delaying the amnesty bill, I still see a slow slide towards socialism and Democrat party control in the U.S. Do you think the future of the U.S. is Socialism/Decline/Decay or is there a chance to return to Freedom as envisioned by the Founding Fathers?” — Rohan

Answer: We will never go back to the America that the Founding Fathers envisioned. We’re talking about people who were profoundly distrustful of the federal government and believed in keeping it extremely weak and starved of funds. They wouldn’t support Social Security, Medicare, or even the income tax. The Founders made the nerdiest Big L Libertarian you’ll ever run into today seem like Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in comparison. After we’ve had generations of people growing up with Social Security, welfare, Medicare, and big daddy government doing way too much for them, they’re not going to have any interest in the sort of rugged self-reliance that our Founders advocated.

As far as the slide towards socialism goes, yes, it does seem to be going that way. But, it’s not inevitable. Reagan slashed tax rates. The GOP forced Clinton to roll back welfare in the 90’s. The handout of taxpayer dollars to illegals is a big issue today — and quite frankly, I think Western Europe, which is much more socialistic than we are, is just starting to circle the drain. As socialism destroys more lives in Europe, it will give conservatives an opportunity to show the American people what the Democratic Party’s socialistic policies will do to America.

So, we just need to hold the line, push for freedom, individual responsibility, and small government, and look for opportunities to take things in the opposite direction.

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