Q&A Friday #79: Who Was The Worst President Of The 20th Century?

Question: “Who was the worst United States President in the 20th Century, Jimmy Carter, or FDR?” — AppleMacJimmy

Answer: FDR was a disaster domestically who pushed incredibly harmful, socialistic policies that extended the depression for years. The Supreme Court went horribly awry under pressure from FDR as well. However, he deserves an enormous amount of credit for his outstanding, farsighted leadership during WW2. So, FDR was a mixed bag.

On the other hand, there is very little to recommend Jimmy Carter as a President. He was utterly incompetent, naive; he damaged the economy, caused gas lines, gave away the Panama Canal, botched Iran — you name it and he screwed up.

Personally, I tend to vacillate between Carter and Lyndon Johnson when I’m trying to decide who the worst President of the last century was. On the one hand, Carter was perfectly hapless, but Johnson was responsible for the socialistic “Great Society,” the problems we currently have with Social Security, and the Vietnam War.

So, I’d say Johnson was the worst President of the last century (and maybe the worst US President ever) with Carter right behind him as the worst President of the 20th Century.

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