Q&A Friday #8: Should The FBI Keep A File On Michael Moore?

Question: “Neo-con radio show most Michael Medved…(said that)…the FBI should keep a file on Michael Moore. Do you agree?” — bob1577

Answer: Michael Moore allowed Hizbollah, an anti-American, anti-semitic, terrorist group with American blood on their hands, to help market “Fahrenheit 9/11”.

If you are willing to cooperate with terrorists to promote a film, who knows what else you’re willing to cooperate with them on? Especially when we’re talking about a guy who considers the cold blooded murderers, suicide bombers and decapitation happy jihadis in Iraq to be the “good guys,” the equivalent of the Minutemen.

Of course, I wouldn’t support having the FBI keep an eye on every America-hating-lefty like Michael Moore, not just because they wouldn’t have time to do anything else, but because of the 1st Amendment.

However, when you cross that line and start cooperating with terrorist groups, even if it’s to promote your film, what you’re doing deserves more scrutiny. So yes, there should be a file on Michael Moore because keeping an eye on Americans with Hizbollah connections is part of the FBI’s job.

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