Q&A Friday #84: When Did You Become A Conservative And Who Influenced Your Political Life?

Question: “When did you become a conservative? When did you become so interested in politics? Have their been any major influences in your political life?” — McCain-Obama08

I got interested in politics about the time I went to college and after taking a hard look at liberalism and conservatism, I first became a conservative in college (click here for more detail).

As to the major influences on my political life, among others, they include…

Rush Limbaugh, whose books and radio show probably had more to do with my becoming a conservative than anyone else.

Ronald Reagan, whose presidency proved that conservatism works in the real world.

Ayn Rand, because Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead majorly influenced how I thought.

Michelle Malkin, because she is the best in the business at what I do for a living.

Ann Coulter, because I’ve always found her ferocity, fearlessness, and outstanding writing to be inspirational.

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