Q&A Friday #85: Could David Petraeus Be President?

Question: “A US Soldier currently deployed to the Iraq Theater of Operations and actively supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, I have followed with great interest the rumors of General David H. Petraeus possibly running for President of the United States of America upon his retirement from the US Army. As you are a consistent blogger who demonstrates a clear and accurate understanding of politics and world events, your opinion is highly regarded by many in the conservative blogosphere.

I wanted your assessment of General Petraeus’s campaign, whether he would be a candidate conservatives would rally around, and the likelihood of him being elected. Do you know anything of his opinions regarding key conservative issues aside from national security? I imagine he would appeal to conservatives on the basis of foreign policy as well as fiscal issues, but I know nothing about his stance on social issues.

Your assessment, sir, if you please.” — AppleMacJimmy

Answer: Politics is much more of a brutal and unforgiving business than it used to be and for that reason, I think it would be extremely difficult for a political novice, even one with as much cachet as Petraeus has, to become President of the United States.

On the other hand, if he wanted to run for, let’s say governor or senator somewhere, I think he would be a very strong candidate who could expect to get ferocious support from conservatives, as long as he turns out to be to the right-of-center.

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