Q&A Friday #85: What Do We Do If Barack Wins?

Question: “I keep hoping for the best but planning for the worst: Assume Obama the messiah wins in November, and the democrats keep both the senate and the house. What will happen in the following 2 years and what can I do as an individual now to prepare? This would not involve fleeing to the mountains. I have two young kids, love my house, and have no desire to retreat or surrender.” — Rohan

Answer: Adam Smith once said that, “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” If Barack gets in, I suspect we’ll get to see that first hand.

Would it be good for the country? No. Would it be pleasant for conservatives? No. But, if the country can survive Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson, I’m sure it can survive Barack Obama.

With that in mind, the best advice I can give to conservatives if Barack wins is,

#1) Don’t opt out of the political system in frustration, opt in. It’s the people who opt in who make a difference.

#2) Strongly support conservative candidates, organizations, new media outlets, and causes.

#3) Work to get the primary system fixed so that independents don’t end up deciding who our nominee is again in 2012.

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