Q&A Friday #87: My 10 Favorite Liberal Pols And Media Personalities

Question: “Who are your top ten favorite liberals, elected or media personalities, and why?” — D-Vega

Answer: Hmmmmm….let’s see, keep in mind that I am going to define “favorite” very, very loosely here, but…

10) Jon Stewart: I will admit that Stewart occasionally says something funny, but I think he’s way over rated. Still, liberals who can be funny at all when they’re talking about politics are a rarity.

9) Stephen Colbert: I think he’s incredibly over rated, but I think he’s generally more entertaining than Jon Stewart.

8) Juan Williams: He’s occasionally reasonable and he is not afraid to level scathing criticism at “the phony leaders, dead-end movements, and culture of failure that are undermining black America.”

7) Arianna Huffington: A moonbat and a liberal hack? Oh, yes. But, I admire her ambition, vision, hustle, and networking skills.

6) Ana Marie Cox: I’ve always thought she was heavily underrated as a writer. She’s funny, doesn’t mind taking some shots at her own side, and you’ve got to admire a woman who can turn a blogging job where she regularly joked about anal sex into a high profile gig at Time.

5) Kirsten Powers: She’s smart, pleasant, devastatingly attractive, comes across as semi-moderate and reasonable at times and once wrote me a polite e-mail. I think that qualifies her for the list.

4) Ed Koch: The former mayor of New York wants to win the war on terror and sees fit to level criticism at his fellow lefties when he thinks they deserve it.

3) Bill Cosby: It’s probably cheating a bit to stick Cos on here since he’s better known for comedy than his political views, but his willingness to stand up and speak unpopular truths about race is really refreshing.

2) Joe Lieberman: He may be the sole liberal in the entire U.S. Senate who’s dead serious about America’s national security.

1) Mickey Kaus: He’s an excellent, incisive writer who has no qualms about criticizing his own side when he disagrees, especially on illegal immigration.

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