Q&A Friday #89: Farm Subsidies

Question: “Given the recent increase in food prices, is this a good time to end farm subsidies in the US?” — President_Friedman

Answer: Any time would be a good time to end farm subsidies and tariffs on imported food. All we’re doing with those subsidies is rewarding wealthy ag-business companies that are bribing members of Congress with campaign contributions. They hand members of Congress a few thousand bucks and in return, Congressmen and senators turn a blind eye to illegal aliens and give these farmers our tax dollars by the millions. Then, on the other end, we put tariffs on food to keep foreigners from undercutting their prices, so that consumers get hit on both ends.

Our tax dollars get handed out to fatcats who demand that we allow illegal aliens into the country to improve their bottom line while simultaneously demanding that the prices of foreign goods be kept high so that Americans will buy their products.

The whole thing is nothing but a ridiculous scam that ends up hurting the American people.

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