Q&A Friday #9: How Are We Going To Handle “Iran’s Nuclear Problem”?

Question: “What do you think is the probable solution to Iran’s nuclear problem (i.e. Israel a la Osiraq? or Iraq-style invasion?)?” — DBO

Answer: My guess is that the Europeans and Bush administration (through back channels) are going to continue negotiating fruitlessly with the Iranians for a period of time. Then eventually, when Iran is starting to get a little too close to building nukes for comfort , either we’re going to bomb their nuclear facilities or the Israelis will.

It would be insane to let the fundamentalist, tyrannical, terrorist sponsoring, “death to America” crowd that runs Iran get their hands on nuclear weapons. Although it would be better to negotiate a peaceful solution, especially since America is relatively popular with much of the Iranian population, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Under no circumstances should Iran be allowed to acquire nukes. They could very well give them to terrorists, launch them at Israel, use them for nuclear blackmail (once their new long range missiles that can hit the US are in place). It would start a nuclear arms race in the Middle-East…it would be such a nightmare scenario that war would be preferable to allowing it to happen…

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