Q&A Friday #90: Obama’s Veep

Question: “If you were Obamasiah, who would you pick as a VP? And why?” — Don_cos

Answer: If I were Obama, the first thing I would do is wait until about mid-July and then do a little polling to see how much Hillary’s supporters have cooled down.

There’s a list of reasons as long as my arm for Obama not to take Hillary as his Veep, but if he eventually concludes that say, 1.5 – 2.5 million, of her supporters are going to sit home or vote McCain if she isn’t on board, then he may not have much of choice. Could the numbers actually turn out to be that high? It’s too soon to know for sure, but it certainly seems possible.

But, let’s say the Democrats are pulling together and he doesn’t need Hillary. What then? Well, Jim Webb might not be a crazy choice. He might be able to help deliver Virginia. He has a solid military background and a reputation as a moderate, yet he’s anti-war enough to satisfy the loony lefties. That could be a winning combo for Obambi.

PS: Plus, as an added bonus from my perspective, my “James Webb Writes About Incest and Pedophilia” article from the 2006 campaign will end up getting about a bazillion Google hits if Webb is the Veep.

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